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Cheapest and Best Screen Printing Supplies uk

UK's leading Screen Printing & Equipment supplies.
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A wide Choice of the Cheapest Screen print supplies, we have everything you need for the garment printing industry.
Where do you start to look for the Cheapest Screen print supplies? First of all many people look for a basic list of the Cheapest Screen printing supplies and equipment. To over view the method of screen printing. Consequently telling them the minimal tools and equipment they need as well as the basic steps involved. We will break the process down and list the tools needed to start you off in screen printing. This will give you the most basic information to help you get started.

The first step is to create some artwork. Silk Screen print supplies
Most artwork is created using illustrator, Photoshop,coral draw free software like gimp and cad draw. vectors are best for illustrations (solid line work).
multi colour designs are separated and placed on separate layers from the original image.Then each colour is printed in black by itself. This colour sepiration is also known as film positive separation. a printer, Ink jet or Laser , a computer with software will be required with this step.
Creating the film positive from the Cheapest Screen Print Supplies on the planet
After your artwork is created or separated you will need to convert it all to black and print it on a clear film, this is your film positive.
Conseqquently if the artwork design has more than one colour ,you will need to print a film positive for each colour.

It is this black opaque film positive you are going to use to make your screen. this is the step you are going to require a computer, a printer and ink jet or Laser film.
Our customers can choose which Screen print supplies from our webstore for Screen making.
You will need a screen to pass the ink through onto your shirt.
Customers can buy these by far the Cheapest Screen print supplies in our webshop.
The perfect purchase for any budding screen printer or an ideal birthday or Christmas present for artistic loved ones.
Our Silk Screen Printing supplies. Excellent consumables. Needed to get printing your own designs at home.
You will also find consumable packages at reduced prices to add to your current kit.
Find out more about The Screen Print Specialists here at Sunlight Stencils.
Our team has over 40 years hands on experience of Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies.
Our knowledge gained both in the UK and internationally allows us to train and inform you every step of the way.

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